Hellenic Center For Biomedical Ethics/ Κέντρου Βιοϊατρικής Ηθικής και Δεοντολογίας (HCBE)

The Hellenic Center For Biomedical Ethics (HCBE – Κέντρου Βιοϊατρικής Ηθικής και Δεοντολογίας, Attica) is rooted in the enormous potential of modern science and technology on one hand and the favorable terms of economy, politics and social mentality on the other. This makes scientific challenge easy to find and the quest for improvement of the quality of life inexhaustible. Biomedical investigation, experiments and applications drastically change the anatomy and physiology of the human body, intervene in its biology and provoke or even threaten the very gene of human nature.

HCBE has as main objects the acquisition of academic knowledge on the related fields, the understanding of all dimensions of the new and future applications of biomedical research
and the search for answers or the proposition of alternative solutions on the emerging dilemmas. Therefore HCBE is doing research (e.g. on cloning, genetically modified food), providing education (e.g. promotes the exchange of expertise and know-how with peer centers abroad), international cooperation (e.g. with Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and social activities (e.g. regular communications to Church and Government agencies, hosting of conferences and media events, and publications).
The website includes on overview of recent bibliography, journals, conferences and activities.

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