Advisory Committee on Bioethics/ Belgisch Raadgevend Comité voor Bio-ethiek/ Le Comité consultatif de Bioéthique de Belgique

The Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics (Belgisch Raadgevend Comité voor Bio-ethiek; Le Comité consultatif de Bioéthique de Belgique, Bruxelles) was established by the co-operation agreement (1993) signed by the Federal Government, the French-speaking Community, the Flemish Community, the German-speaking Community and the Joint Commission for Community Matters.

The main task is to provide advice on the problems raised by research and research applications in the fields of biology, medicine and health care. These problems are studied from the ethical, social and legal points of view, particularly from the angle of the respect for human rights. A second important task is to inform the public and the authorities about these problems. The Committee is completely independent of the authorities that created it.
The website gives information about e.g. opinions, Federal Public Service (FPS) on health, food chain safety and environment, pharmaceutical committees and brest-feeding,

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