Bulgarian Center for Bioethics/ Български център по биоетика

The Bulgarian Center for Bioethics (Български център по биоетика, Sofia) is founded in 2004 as an independent, non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote the development and application of bioethics in Bulgaria. It is in the country an unique project, concerning about biomedical ethics, research ethics, the ethics of biotechnology, animal welfare and agricultural ethics.

The Center for Bioethics advocates for and defends the rights of patients, the interests of participants in human subject research, the welfare of animals and the responsible treatment of the environment. This according to the highest international bioethical norms and standards the Center works to improve the quality of healthcare and to facilitate the harmonization of legislation.
As many other websites of centers for bioethics the Bulgarian center website serves as a forum for public discussions on current bioethical issues. This site offers also information on bioethics policies and bioethics topics of general interest to Bulgarian citizens such as: the rights of Bulgarian patients rights of and the laws that codify them; informed consent and why it is needed, monitoring safety of (genetically modified) foods, etc.

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