Commission of Biothics/ Komisja Bioetyczna

The Polish Commission of Biothics (Komisja Bioetyczna, Wroclow) is part of the Wroclow Medical University. Members of the Commission are nominated for the time of term of office of the university management. The commission performs its functions until the new commission is appointed for a new term.

A important principle is that medical experiment on human subjects at the main hospitals in Wroclaw exclusively are be done after obtaining the consent of Commission of Bioethics. In this collaboration the body is independent in its opinion and has the task to contribute to guaranteeing the rights, safety and welfare of subjects of clinical research. The will take place in the context of dignity of a human being as the superior value to scientific goals of research. So the work is directed by ethical values and the purposefulness and feasibility of the research projects. Basics are: The Helsinki Declaration, The Rules of Good Clinical Practice and referring to the sphere of ethics of research on human subjects, Directives of European Union and legal regulations binding in Poland.
The website includes general information but also an extensive description of operating procedures.

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