The Danish Council on Ethics/ Det Etiske Råd

The Danish Council on Ethics (Det Etiske Råd, Copenhagen) advises and creates debate on biotechnology, which affects human life, nature, the environment and food. The Council also works with all ethical issues related to the health care sector.

The 17 voluntary members are designated by the Parliament and ministries, and appointed by the ministers for Interior Affairs and Health Care for a period of three years. The members can be reappointed once. The Law regarding the Council requires that the Council has an equal gender distribution – so just one of the sexes totals one more than the other sex.
The International Danish Council on Ethics participates in EGE, NEC, UNESCO in order to be part of the debate, to gain knowledge and inspiration. The Council has published several publications on the various topics.
The website gives an overview, and listed recommendations and a campain site as well.

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