German Ethics Council/ Deutscher Ethikrat

German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat, Berlin) is composed of twenty-six representatives of a variety of ethical approaches and a pluralist spectrum of opinion, specialized in scientific, medical, theological, ethical, social, economic and legal concerns. Its members include academics from the above disciplines, and in addition it includes persons of repute who are particularly familiar with ethical questions of the life sciences. The members may not belong to legislative bodies or governments.

Main tasks of the German Ethics Council are pursuing questions of ethics, society, science, medicine and law and the probable consequences for individual and society that result in connection with research and development, in particular in the field of the life sciences and their application to humanity; informing the public and encouraging discussion in society, engaging the various social groups; preparing opinions and recommendations for political and legislative action; cooperation with national ethics councils and comparable institutions of other states and of international organizations.
The website offers a list of topics, opinions and press releases.

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