European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH)

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In August 1987, the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare was founded.

The ESPMH was instituted by an international company of philosophers, physicians, ethicists and other interested professionals in the field with a view to the growing need for critical reflection on the role of medicine and health care in our present society.

Health-related issues increasingly influence the functioning of social security systems (social welfare systems) and demands for health care strain the national budgets of most western countries. In our culture, resulting problems tend to be approached by searching exclusively for technocratic and econometric solutions. Philosophical analysis and ethical evaluations have long been neglected.

Recently however, Faculties of Medicine, professional organisations and to a certain extent, the popular mind, have shown an increase in awareness of these deficiencies. New teaching programs and research projects on meta-medical subjects are now being introduced but often meet with strong opposition, if not straightforward obstruction.

Thus it seems imperative that these efforts should be strengthened through contacts and cooperation at a European level.

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