Lithuanian Bioethics Committee / Lietuvos bioetikos komitetas (LEBC)

The Lithuanian Bioethics Committee (LEBC – Lietuvos bioetikos komitetas, Vilnius) is an institution which is responsible for the protection of human rights and dignity in the field of health care. It was established (1995) following the Law on the Lithuanian Health Care System. The Committee operates according to the decree of the Ministry of Health.

LECB has seventeen members, half of them medical professionals and the rest non-medical specialists (lawyer, ethicist, philosopher, psychologist, theologian, etc.). Main goals of LECB are to inform and educate the biomedical community and general public on moral dilemmas arising in the context of modern health care, and to protect rights of patients in the fields of biomedical research and clinical practice. A third main goal is to co-ordinate the ethical review of research protocols in Lithuania.
The website contains besides other items a ‘Procedure to issue approvals to conduct biomedical research’ and ‘Procedure to issue favourable opinion to conduct a clinical trial on medicinal products’.

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