National Bioethics Committee/ Εθνική Επιτροπή Βιοηθικής Κύπρου (CNCB)

In accordance with the Law N. on Establishment and Function of the National Committee, the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee (CNCB, Εθνική Επιτροπή Βιοηθικής Κύπρου, Nicosia) is founded in 2001.

The mission is the constant monitoring, survey, systematic analysis and evaluation of the issues and problems that relate to the scientific research, progress and implementation of the sciences of biotechnology. And further on the relevant fields of biology, medicine, genetics and pharmaceutics. Other important areas are the human intervention on the biological procedure and the human genotype and the investigation of their moral, deontological, social, humanistic and legal dimensions.
The website includes a.o. background information of CNBC, operational codes, opinion papers and application forms.

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