National Medical Ethics Committee/  Komsija Republike Slovenije za Medicinsko Etiko (NMEC/ KME)

National Medical Ethics Committee (NMEC/ KME – Komsija Republike Slovenije za Medicinsko Etiko, Ljubljana) is an independent authorized body. The Committee, also known as ‘Državna komisija za medicinsko etiko’ reviews proposals for biomedical research on human beings for their ethical acceptability. It also deals with other issues in the field of ethics and bioethics, either on the initiative of the Government, the Ministries, public agencies, public services and individuals or on its own initiative. In this work NMEC is guided by (inter)national documents, guidelines, declarations and conventions. The 15 members with a various professional background have their mandate by the Ministerial of Order.

Although sessions can be closed, because of privacy for example, tries NMCE to be open to the public media and the public in general as much as possible. The NMEC maintains contacts with representatives of public media, contributes to education of the general public and encourages public debate on ethical problems.

The website includes besides useful practical informative background papers as ‘Research Ethics Committees in Slovenia’, ‘Statutory Notes’ and ‘Application for Ethical Review’. Most of the content is translated in English.

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