Research Center for Apllied Ethics/ Conselho Nacional de Ética par as Ciencias da Vida (CNECV)

The Romanian Research Center for Apllied Ethics (CCEA – Centrul de Cercetări în Etică Aplicată, Bucharest) operates within the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. This placement allows use of the potentials of philosophy students.

They are studying ethical disciplines: as well the great classical theories ethics as ethics in management practises. The center can also hire project based (external) researchers to collaborate with CCEA. The co-operation can be very helpful to find financing too. It also provides practical cases for students to test their knowledge. Outside the Faculty of Philosophy employees are providing consulting services on a contract basis (on demand of individuals or institution).
In the opinion of CCEA applied ethics has become a specialized discipline with a double responsibility: science and ethics. Each project has to be interdisciplinary connected to different fields of ethics, for example medical, business, international relations, biological research, media. Ethicists and philosophers cannot give others final ethical solutions, but it will be group activitie of (future) double specialized research leaders and trainers. .
The website includes information about study programs, publicities, events and services. The website is only in Romanian available. Contactpersons will fluently speak English.

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