32. Nordic Committee on Bioethics (Scandinavia)/ Nordisk kommitté för bioetik

The Nordic Committee on Bioethics (Nordisk kommitté för bioetik, Helsink, Finland) stress a Nordic international approach. The Committee is founded in 1989 to promote Nordic cooperation and exchange of information between scientists, parliamentarians, opinion leaders and public officials in the area of bioethics. In the increasing international variety of approaches taken to address bioethical questions, it is important to have a committee that reflects the Nordic dimension in responding to ethical issues raised by biosciences and biotechnology. The Nordic Committee on Bioethics has two members from each Nordic country.

New members are nominated by the Nordic countries and appointed for three years by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Members can be appointed for a maximum of two. periods.

Tasks of the Committee are to identify ethical problems arising from genetic engineering and other biotechnology research, development and modification of microorganisms, plants, animals and humans.

The website contains a.o. links (theacher materials and related organizations), reports and other publications, events and current themes.

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