Spanish Bioethics Committee/ Comité de Bioética de España (CPB)

Spanish Bioethics Committee (CPB, Comité de Bioética de España, Madrid) is created in 2007 as a collegiate, independent and consultative professional body, which will develop its responsibilities, with full transparency, on materials related to the social and ethical implications of Biomedicine and Health Sciences.

The Committee was established on October 22nd 2008 with the Ministry of Science & Innovation. The main goals of the Spanish Bioethics Committee are to issue reports, proposals and to formulate recommendations for public authorities (state and regional level) related to ethical and social implications of Biomedicine and Health Sciences. Also CPB has a task in establishing the general principles for the production of codes of good practice in scientific research. International CPB will represent Spain in supranational and international forums and bodies.
The website of this rather recently founded Committee contains e.g. some recommendations, news fact, a working plan.

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