The National Consultative Ethics Committee for Life Sciences and Health/ Commission Nationale d’Ethique (CNE)

The National Consultative Ethics Committee for Life Sciences and Health (CNE – Commission Nationale d’Ethique, Luxembourg) was set up by the government in 1988 but started effectively in 1989. CNE has fifteen members including a chairman and a vice-president. The statutory members are appointed by the Government for renewable terms of five years.

The mission of CNE includes studying, either on its own initiative or at request of the Government, as ethical aspects of various problems raise in the field of life sciences and health. The study or research includes how to handle the impact of questions and problems.
In the expertise of CNE bioethics refers to research, discourse and practices, usually multidisciplinary, designed to clarify or resolve questions raised by ethical scope advancement and application of techno-medical sciences. The rapid development of techno-medical sciences raises questions that not only traditional medical ethics can answer. Examples of issues are treatment or euthanasia and (un) acceptable humanitarian consequences of predictive genetic tests

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