About CEG

The Centre for Ethics and Health (CEG) was established in 2003 on the initiative of Minister Borst, former Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. It is a partnership between the Health Council and the Council for Public Health & Society.


The mission of the Centre for Ethics and Health (CEG) is to signal and provide information about new and current ethical issues in healthcare and biomedical research that are relevant to government policy. By ‘signalling’, the CEG means: identifying and examining current ethical issues in the field of healthcare and (bio)medical research. The CEG identifies which moral values play a role in this regard, and presents the various ethical views and/or arguments surrounding the ethical issues concerned.


In the context of its signalling function, the CEG publishes reports and may also invite experts to write an essay, blog series or other form of submitted piece. Reports are narrower in scope than the recommendations written by the Health Council and the Council for Public Health & Society. They provide an initial analysis of relevant aspects, arguments and problems.

Agenda-setting and in-depth reports

The CEG issues 2 types of reports: Agenda-setting reports and in-depth reports. Agenda-setting reports are brief, thought-provoking and innovative descriptions of current themes aimed at stimulating debate. In-depth reports are broader in scope and more detailed than the agenda-setting reports. Major medical-ethical themes lend themselves to this type of report.