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  1. Work programme 2021-2023

    The Centre for Ethics and Health identifies and provides information about new and current ethical issues in healthcare and ...

    publication | 19-03-2021

  2. Incubator 2.0

    The shorter the duration of the pregnancy, the greater the risk that a child may die shortly after birth or survive with minor or ...

    publication | 11-11-2020

  3. Overarching message of the three CEG reports on e-health

    At the request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Centre for Ethics and Health (CEG) has identified the ethical ...

    publication | 30-06-2020

  4. Sensors in the home environment – The ethics of e-health part 3

    This report concerns sensors whose purpose is to enable people with an illness or disability, chronic psychological problems or ...

    publication | 30-06-2020

  5. Robotisation in long-term healthcare – The ethics of e-health part 2

    A variety of care robots have been developed to support recipients and providers of care in the long-term healthcare sector. ...

    publication | 30-06-2020

  6. Health apps and wearables - The ethics of e-health part 1

    More and more people are using apps and wearables to monitor their own health. The government sees opportunities for the use of ...

    publication | 30-01-2020

  7. Safe care, good care?

    In recent decades, in the Netherlands as well as in other countries, a great deal has been invested in making healthcare safer ...

    publication | 04-04-2019

  8. Digital doctors

    A great future is predicted for artificial intelligence, including in the field of healthcare. So-called medical expert systems ...

    publication | 04-07-2018